Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today I decided to post some photos of little treasures from around my studio. I use the term studio VERY loosely. Basically it's really just a room in our house that I took over a year ago. I want it to be a studio SO bad. I love looking at women's creative work spaces online and in magazines, like Where Women Create. I aspire to have a room for creating that also looks great. Right now my room feels very utilitarian. Maybe one day I'll post photos and get your input as to how to make it fabulous!

On to the treasures!

I love this little gal! I bought her last spring from this F.U.N. Etsy shop called Magpie Ethel(<---Click here to visit her shop) She reminded me of this gal below...my daughter Riley. She is one of my very best treasures! She was in my "studio" yesterday sharing this:
Isn't she a great artist? I have her creations all around me...including these three little guys that she made last year. They live in my "Studio" too.

Okay, back to the other treasures. How great are these chenille snails from French General??? I love them and have been hoarding them for awhile now. I need to break down and use them but I can't seem to let them go! The velvet flowers behind them are pretty good too!

These are just a few of the vintage books/ephemera that make me happy. I LOVE the ship on the front of the vintage bridge score pad. I've been hoarding that for a while now too just awaiting the perfect project.

Kitchy and fun awaits you in the next photo ;)

Seeing a box of goodies like these is what makes my heart skip while out antiquing/junking!

Thank you for looking. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Hey Kel,
    I love your blog, how cool is this! I just signed up it will say Wayne Hanson, but just know that its me, all the settings on our gmail is in his name!:)Can't wait to see all the fun things you'll post on here, congrats on your new adventure!!!:)Kim ♥

  2. ooh, I love the snails from F.G. too, I can't bring myself to use mine either. Your camera takes good photos.