Monday, March 15, 2010

Friend Making Mondays

I am linking up to Friend Makin' Monday with Amber Filkins. She is asking us to complete the following:

I am.... really dragging today from DST

I think....DST is pointless

I a 5K

I dream....of having my house decorated the way I'd like it

I want....a cleaning lady ;)

I know...things will always get better

I don't like....conflict

I smell...Reuben sandwiches that we had for dinner! Yum!

I hear....silence. My husband and son are at soccer practice. My daughter is in her room making things with clay.

I fear....something happening to my family

I usually...go with the flow

I search...for balance.

I near the much :(

I always...try to be positive

I regret....not finishing college

I wonder....what my children will be like when they're older

I crave...more active kayaking, surfing and hiking

I wild imagination as a child

I create to be happy

I forget...what it feels like to not suck in my stomach

I I need to start running again so that I can do this 5K that I keep thinking about.

I anything!

I can't....stand it when someone says "I can't"

I am happy....when I am spending the day with my family on an adventure of some sort

I lose.....focus when I see something shiny ;)

I sing....a lot...b/c I love to....but I really shouldn't...b/c I can't

I music all through the day. It's my escape.

I shop.....smarter these days.

I eat....better these days.

I life!

Happy Monday!


  1. I see you miss living near the beach. me to. I love water and have to be surrounded by it. it's almost killing me livingin the desert.

  2. Everyone should ask themselves these questions once in awhile.

    I have an old people question: What is DST?

  3. Sometimes I forget, while perusing all of these home and garden blogs and crafty blogs, that there are people like me who still wish for a house decorated the way they want it to be! I feel like I'm the only one! :-)

    Nice to meet you @ FMM!

  4. No, you are not alone MrsJenB! Nice to meet you too! :)