Monday, March 15, 2010

Florida Pickers!

Are you familiar with the show "American Pickers"? I love that show and know for a fact that I could be the third member of their team! While I await the call from Mike and Frank, I'm going to do a series on my blog called "Florida Pickers". It was my good friend Vicki's idea. She suggested that I bring a camera along on our various adventures to document our finds.

We had an adventure just this past Saturday that was worthy of documenting. The four girls pictured and our husbands all headed to beautiful downtown Deland FL. There was a Beer Fest going on that the boys wanted to attend and there was a street of antique store that the girls wanted to scour. Perfection!
Here are the girls in our favorite 3-story antique store! From L to R: Vicki, Kim and Jodi.
Thought this little vignette of Mickey stuff was cute...and appropriate considering our proximity to WDW.
Me...scouring the $1 postcard section.
This is for my sister that loves all things circus and magic. The box on the stand is some sort of magic show prop.
The rats were swarming in ;)

The girls and some of our loot!
Here's the whole gang together after we picked the boys up from their fest! Then we headed back to my house for a dinner of corned beef and cabbage!
A good day was had by all! I hope you had a good weekend too! Thanks for coming by!


  1. I think Mike and Frank need a sweet-talkin' lady to help them with the old crusty guys that won't part with ANYTHING (even thought half of is it rusting away outside).

    You'd be in charge of buying old pincushions, mushrooms, tiny mouse statues and old buttons.

  2. I LOVE it, Florida Pickers...and yes we did, that was so much fun!:)