Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gift Ideas For My Girl From Etsy

My Etsy-loving daughter is turning 12 in less than a month. I thought I would showcase some Etsy items that I'm considering as gifts for her!

Eeeek! How cute is this tote?! Guess I better order today b/c it's coming from England!
By Gemmabear <---Click here to view the full listing I am in love with these! This listing is for a custom version. One of my favorite shops to visit! By Lemontreestudio <---click here to view the full listing My daughter has had 2 other kits from this seller and they are super cute!
By Fancytiger <---click here to view full listing Make your own Frustration Pencil Kit! By junepfaffdaley <---click here to view the full listing This is right up her alley! Nightmare Snatcher Journal by Spiderbite <--- click here to view the full listing My girl is very crafty so I think she'd love this! Remember making these back in the day? I think my loom was plastic.
By Craftsanity <---click here to view the full listing Cutest magnet ever! I have a stamp by this seller with a little monster and it says "I make stuff!" By Vozamer <---click here for the full listing This is Percy P. Monster. Riley put in her request for him as a birthday gift about a month I've already purchased him. This is going to be Riley's 4th "stuffy" by this seller. My son has 2. We are obviously big fans! By plantsandanimals <---click here to view full listing

I could go on and on because there are just so many cool things for kids on Etsy. I'm so glad that my daughter is such a fan!

Have a great day today! It's almost weekend! Yay!


  1. Ooooh, you are TOO TOO sweet! I am honored to be a part of your that loom!

    I hope your daughter has the happiest birthday ever!
    xo, shelly

  2. I love shopping for Riley, she loves the cutest stuff.