Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There is still time...

at least that's my hope. Time to relish sweet childhood moments that seem to be slipping away too fast. My daughter is turning 12 next week and has been showing all the signs of passing over into the tween phase....then she does this
making mud pies in the backyard with her brother. Yes, that's our backyard. We've been needing to replace our sod so we let the kids (mostly Coop) dig in the dirt...and it turned into "The Hole". Gasp, I know...kids outside in the dirt!! Unfortunately they don't have much time left with it b/c we are going to be re-sodding very soon. And look what they made...
This is Riley's...it's Mrs. Mud Lady!
This is Coop's...it's Mud Turtle!
That's all for today. As the commercial for Rice Krispies says, "Childhood is calling". ;)


  1. that looks like fun.. I wonder if Dad knows that Coop is wearing his Wilco shirt or if it's a blog surprise.

  2. Love it!

    Anna spent all morning playing Legos with Connor then Survivor out in the back yard/pool. They're in a strange in-between world right now, aren't they?

  3. OMG...LOL! Who doesn't love them some fun in the mud!!! Going old school sometimes is the best way to entertain the kids and have a ball, cute pics Kirkable!:)